Bramhagiri is one of the 12 Jyothirlinga temples across India

Nashik |Brahmahgiri hills
Brahmahgiri hills

Brahmagiri Hills in Nashik : Trambkeshwar

Trimbakeshwar is a popular pilgrimage site in Nashik, Maharasthra. Located on the banks of holy Godavari river, this beautiful temple is home to one of the 12 Jyothirlinga temples across India. In Trimbakeshwar,

Another attraction of this place is the Bramhagiri Hill, which is the origin of the river Ganga and is named here as Godavari. To reach the top of the hill one needs to go through some 700 steps and usually needs 4-5 hours to cover. Trimbakeshwar Temple is perched on the picturesque lusting green Bramhagiri hills. River Godavari originates on this hill and flows though the Bramhagiri ranges.

Nashik | Brahmahgiri hills
Nashik |Brahmahgiri hills

Original Ganges and Trimbak Tirtha are on Bramhagiri mountain adjacent to Trimbakeshwar temple.
Bramhagiri is considered as a huge form of Lord Shiva and hence the mountain climbing was considered as a sin.However in 1908 Seth Lalchand Jashodanand Bhambhani of Karachi and Seth Ganeshdas built 500 steps of stone at a cost of Rs. 40,000 then this has facilitated easy access to Bramhagiri. Godavari is flowing in three directions on the mountain.


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